HydraLyft Review


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Rosacea is a progressive, inflammatory vascular disorder that is characterised by 4 different stages.It generally affects the centre of the face and is recognised by facial redness (flushes), papules, pustules and small red capillary like veins.In severe cases, particularly in men, the soft tissue of the nose may swell producing a bulbous enlargement known as Rhinophyma. The exact cause is unknown but it is known to be a genetic vascular disorder. It is mainly seen in people with light coloured skin.Rosacea generally affects 1 in 20 people and more common in adults over 30 years of age.Symptoms usually start in adults between 30 and 50. Women are more likely to develop Rosacea than men but when men get this skin disorder the symptoms are more severe. Rosacea can be triggered by many things such as Exercise, spicy food, alcohol, stress, sun exposure and some skin care products.

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