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For this unit’s discussion select one of the primary sources in chapters 8 or 9. Briefly summarize the content, fragmentary or otherwise, and answer one of the “Questions for Analysis”. Explain why this source is useful for historians in understanding Medieval Civilizations. You should focus on every sentence of the passage if possible. Better discussions will demonstrate a deep reading of and an interrogation of the sources. Also, remember that sources are usually translations from languages other than modern English. It could be Latin, Old French, German, Arabic, etc.

The listed sources are
1. A Miraculous Reliquary
2. Preaching the First Crusade
3. An Arab Aristocrat Encounters the Crusaders
4. A Hebrew Poet from Muslim Spain
5. The Canons of the Fourth Lateran Council
6. Two Conversion Experiences
7. Peter Abelard Critiques Theological Contradictions

8. Illicit Love and the Code of Chivalry