His applications | Information Systems homework help

This week, you have looked at five HIS Applications: EHR, PMS, RIS,  PACS, and GIS. There are many vendors marketing their solutions  concerning these HIS Applications, and in this Application, you will  explore one of these solutions in more depth.

For this Application

  • Select one of these Applications: EHR, PMS, RIS, PACS, GIS.
  • Choose a particular medical practice, such a rural hospital, public clinic, private specialist, etc.
  • Perform a market analysis comparing and contrasting three  different vendors of your selected Application for the medical practice  you chose.
  • Construct a worksheet that contains elements relevant to  cost, performance, number of screens and/or reports, and at least two  other differentiating variables, for each of the three vendor-specific  products. Evaluate each of the elements for the medical practice you  chose.
  • Summarize your findings in a 1–2 page document in APA style. Copy the worksheet into the same document and submit one document.
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