Health fair poster | public Health | Adler University

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TOPIC Chronic Diseases

Must talk about general information not focusing in one.

· Define Chronic Diseases? 

How prevalent is it? ​How many people die of heart disease in Canada, the USA, and China (other country) every year?

· *use figure/charts. ​

· What causes this health issue? ​

· Again – try to use visuals as in the example poster showcased. ​

· Who can get the health issue? ​Risk Factors.


Showcase what people can do. ​


· Provide resources to ​(FROM CDC OR HEALTHY PEOPLE 2030

·Learn more about the health issue​.

·To get prevention/management services ​

·Showcase any “on campus” resources. ​

Reference Page ​

List all your MAJOR references that were used in your poster. ​