Freewriting due in 12 hours

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Diagnostic Writing

A successful assignment submission meets rubric criteria (Content, Organization, Style/Language, and Sentence Structure/Grammar) and follows the assignment prompt. Completing this assignment should enable you to utilize course modules appropriately, prepare for course assignments, and review prior knowledge to identify areas of improvement. (MO 2,4,5)


This is a freewriting and editing assignment that should take less than 30min from start to submission. This assignment helps your instructor see where you are already at in your writing and editing abilities.

Complete and submit the assignment by 01:00 CST Monday of Week 2.

Details & Prompt:

Time yourself for 10min freewriting about any topic if your choice. Then, spend a little time editing and formatting it. If you are already familiar with the MLA style guide, put your document in that format.

Submission Instructions:

View the syllabus and your student handbook for late work policies, expectations regarding proper citations, and other expectations.