Foundation of leadership journal 2 & 3 | Leadership Development | University of Memphis

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JOURNAL 1 – Chapt. 2 & 3

1) a)  What traits do you observe in your most recent supervisor?   

  1. On a scale of 1 – 10, how does this leader rate on each of the 5 major leadership traits  

In Table 2.2 and 5 major personality traits in the Personality Model in Table 2.3?

c)     Would you say this leader has assigned or emergent power or both? Explain.

2) In your text pages 36-38.  Take the Leadership Trait Questionnaire.  The book asks you (the leader) and five others to take it – the others are rating you.  Five others may be difficult to recruit so invite at least 2 others to rate you (not relatives).   Reflect in writing on the results.  

3) In Chapter three of your text read the case study 3.1 on pages 60 – 61 – – A Strained Research Team.  Write a short paragraph responding to the questions on page 61.

4) One of the important capabilities of leaders is to be able to problem solve. Your text details nine problem solving skills. Using a work or personal example of a solved problem, describe the steps you used in solving the problem and connect the 9 skills to your example.

5) Take the Skills Inventory on page 66 – 68 of your text.  Score it via the instructions on that page.  Report your scores here. Reflect on the meaning of the scores. How do these scores influence what your leadership education journey might need to include?

_______Technical _______Human Skill _______Conceptual

6) Read the following articles on leading remotely.

A. Working From Home Advice

B. Self-Leadership Skills Required for a Remote Team

C. Top 8 Leadership Skills for Managing Remote Employees

D. A Guide to Managing your Newly Remote Workers

a. Rank which article was most helpful as you prepare to be a leader who can be effective in remote settings.

b. Summarize in 2-3 sentences per article the best advice from each article.

c. List and Describe the skills you saw in the articles that would benefit a person leading remotely.

7) What leadership-related Ah-ha have you learned from this assignment?