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Part 1: Select agency teams

Each team will work as an independent promotion agency developing a new promotion campaign for an existing fashion brand. Each team should decide on an agency name.


Part 2: Select product and brands

Lucky Brand Denim


Part 3: Understanding your brand

The first step in developing a fashion brand promotion campaign is to understand the brand and its current promotion strategies. Conduct research and prepare a report describing your brand’s promotion activities for:

·      Advertising

·      Direct marketing

·      Sales promotion

·      Public relations

·      Personal selling

·      Fashion shows

·      Special events

·      Visual merchandising


Report requirements:

·      Include your agency name (team name) and names of individual team members at the top of the report

·      2-5 pages double spaced, Times New Roman or Arial, 12 point font, 1” margins

·      Include headings and page numbers

·      Reference list (APA format)

I will do special events and visual merchindising.
The brand name is
Lucky Brand Denim