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Discussion boards:

Topic 1: HRM

What does it mean to say that HRM plays a strategic role in driving organizational performance? Consider recruiting, training, performance appraisal, and compensation strategies as part of your answer.

Topic 2: Recruiting and Retention

The function of organizing in management is vital in recruiting, training, and retaining people. Evaluate how the growing use of telecommuters, temporary and part time workers, virtual teams, and social media will affect human resource management in finding the right people. Assume the role of a human resource manager and discuss specific ideas how an HRM department could improve recruiting and retention of employees.

Unit 5 Assignment 1: 

Career Advancement Planner (CAP) Writing Assignment Overview: In GM500 you will begin developing your first Career Advancement Planner (CAP). This learning activity will continue throughout your program. There is value in taking time in this Unit 5 Assignment to learn more about what business recruiters are looking for in recent graduates from academic programs. It is clear that scholarly and technical skills are necessary to succeed in most any career path. However, there is strong support to indicate that other competencies in human skills (soft skills) are being also assessed by business recruiters. Taking active steps to plan the development and advancement of specific competencies throughout your academic program is a worthy activity in pursuing future career goals. It is important to understand that your Career Advancement Planner is much more than an Assignment that you will encounter throughout your education journey. Even though this is an emerging and changing Assignment, the greater value will become evident as you approach graduation and are seeking a new career path or leveraging your educational excellence for advancement within your current place of employment. The key fact is that you will have personally planned an accurate advancement in the development of competencies linked to how professional Human Resource Managers are organizing their search for the right person for the job. With this in mind, this is an opportunity to learn more about the importance and value of your Career Advancement Planner (CAP) and why this opportunity was created for you to develop this type of tool.


To reach your career objectives requires success in an academic program in combination with an articulate plan that demonstrates strength, growth, and accomplishments that are in alignment with competencies that organizations are seeking. Your Career Advancement Planner (CAP) is a tool in which you can identify and target specific human skill competencies. The School of Business and Information Technology have identified the following key competencies that recruiters are seeking. They are: leadership, teamwork, networking, technology, communication, professionalism and ethical behavior, and critical thinking. 

Human Resource Management is about building human capital to drive organizational performance. Central in that function is finding the right person, which involves human resource planning, recruitment, and selection. Before writing this paper, gather relevant information from appropriate reading resources. In Chapter 12 of the Daft textbook focus your attention on the section ”Finding the Right People.” You should also draw valuable insights from “Do Soft Skills Matter? – Implications for Educators Based on Recruiters’ Perspective” by Deepa and Seth’s article found in the Library. 

Reference Implications for Educators Based on Recruiters’ Perspectives  Deepa, S. & Seth, M. (2013). Do soft skills matter? Implications for educators based on recruiters’ perspectives. IUP Journal of Soft Skills, 7(1), 7–-20.


Write a 4 page (1200 words) paper that evaluates and describes key concepts for the Deepa and Seth article that reinforce the value of developing your personal Career Advancement Planner (CAP). Review the grading rubric for this Assignment before you begin writing your paper. Construct and write your paper with sub headings that connect to the key components of the rubric.