Final Project Paper Task 1 Security Policies And Task 2 Risk And Contingency Management Plans

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title: Final project paper task-1 security policies and task-2 risk and contingency management plans (total 12 page without title)

Project: Student’s Management Program System and Security Issues

Subject: Foundation of Information Assurance and Security 

**** Please complete below two tasks for project  Student’s Management Program System and Security Issues

Task 1. The security policies. The focus should be on how the policies would be developed, maintained, enforced, etc. 

        Total 6 page without title page and with reference

Task 2. The risk and contingency management plans. 

        Total 6 page without title page and with reference

** No title page on task-1 and task-2. 

Introduction: Student’s Management Program System and Security Issues


Student Management Program System (SMPS) project has been initiated to efficiently manage student and program data through an information system that will provide data management capabilities and analysis needed for meaningful and quality student advising and tracking of student programs that are unique to university campus. 

Using this customized system in a software application, the Director will be able to quickly enter and process data, manage, and fully analyze student and program data.  The specific functionality that the system should have includes selecting specific academic programs and general education requirements specific to each program, and process student data (basic demographics, student advising information needed, notes on student advising meetings, etc.), providing immediate access to student and program information, capturing student program and advising data through tracking for review, analysis, and making advising and program decisions, integrating student email functions and producing reports on specific program enrollment, student program progress, new or current students, students taking remedial courses.