Final project – “data safety service” -information assurance and

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Subject: Foundations of Information Assurance and Security

**Artifact: “Data Safety Service” Final Project Paper

***Important: “Data Safety Service” Final Project Paper.  PLEASE READ ATTACHED PROJECT IDEA AND SUBMIT THE REPORT WITH FOLLOWING SECTIONS. If professor give corrections you should be able to update it without extra cost.

*** The Final project report must convers below topics as separate sections

1. The description of the agency including the mission, high-level network diagram, a description of hardware and software assets;  a description of physical and logical security currently in place and organizational chart.

2. The strategic plan with a discussion of the sections that would be included. 

3. The security policies. The focus should be on how the policies would be developed, maintained, enforced, etc. 

4. The risk and contingency management plans. 

5. The personnel structure in the business.  Consider the management of the InfoSec plan across the enter organization (top – down).

6. The protection mechanisms that will be part of the InfoSec plan.