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Fieldwork Project Research Questions

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During Week 6, think of at least three research questions relating to the music culture that you want to explore. Reflect on these questions.

To guide your reflections on these questions, compile source information on your subject through library and Internet research, documenting three of the best library sources (these may be in the form of eBooks and articles from the UMGC Library) and three of the best web-based sources. Visit the “Is My Source Credible?” page provided by the UMGC Library and the Research Guide for Music (including links to Open Access Music Journals) for assistance in locating reliable, credible sources.

After compiling your list of six sources (3 library articles/Ebooks and 3 educational websites) and reflecting on each of the three research questions, write 2-3 paragraphs in response to each question. Locate and include images, listening examples, or videos to illustrate your reflections.

Submit reflections on your three research questions, list of six sources, and images and/or links to listening examples at the Fieldwork Project Research Questions link, worth 5 out of the total 25 points for the entire project. You will receive feedback so you will know that you are on the right track before completing the Interview Questions portion of the project during Week 7.

Submit the Fieldwork Project Topic to the assignment folder by the end of Week 6 (Tuesday at 11:59 PM ET).

Please view the second row of the grading rubric to see how to earn the full 5 points for your reflections on your research questions, list of 6 sources, and images and/or listening examples for Week 6.