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For this assignment, evaluate an actual organization (choose one listed below) that faced a difficult ethical decision. This decision can be limited to one specific act, but it can also be an ongoing policy or plan. In your writing,

  1. Describe the ethical considerations related to the decision.
  2. Identify the stakeholders affected by this decision and discuss how the decision affected them.
  3. Then evaluate the organization’s actions from an ethical point of view. Explain why the organization has or has not acted ethically and explain what, if anything, the organization should have done differently.

Organizations to consider: (you may also consider other organizations as long as you can provide a link to their website and resources related to the issue and their decision). Document your sources.

chosen organization 

WalMart – Studies have shown that WalMart may save people money but they may also negatively impact communities.  Their low prices may also hurt suppliers. The company received criticism when leadership announced they wanted to hire healthier, more productive employees. WalMart has been accused of being anti-union and has survived sweatshop and discrimination scandals. Check out WalMart’s Statement Regarding Code of Ethics.

Be sure to write in complete sentences. An essay of 500-1000 words should adequately address the prompt.  Write your response using MS Word and submit your document as an attachment.