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Congratulation! You just got hired as a Public Health Coordinator in the newly created section at the Sangamon County Health Department that provides an awareness campaign for COVID-19 vaccination. As a public health professional, you need to design a policy statement based on a system’s thinking model to identify the target population and advertise your program to influence those communities getting vaccinated. 

i. Considering how infectious disease is transmitted into the environment and among people, please draw a system thinking diagram that includes all components such as elements, interconnection, and causal loop such as negative and positive feedback. Please include environmental health aspects of COVID-19 such as the source of this disease, its transmission, health implication, and preventive measures. Please use MS Word or PowerPoint to draw the detailed diagram. After sketching the systems thinking diagram, explain each element and interconnections. 

ii. Using the above framework, please write a one-page policy statement that includes preventive measures such as vaccination, mask-wearing, social distancing and practicing good hygiene to safeguard peoples’ health and well-being and limit widespread outbreaks.