Eccentric Bathroom Plan


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Eccentric Bathroom Plan


Objective: Using your understanding of space planning, aesthetics and space appropriateness, you will plan a bathroom that meets your eccentric client’s desires.

You have been asked to design the bathroom for an eccentric client. Decide the name of your client and describe his/her personality and Primary, Secondary and Tertiary needs/wants. 

· Create a Concept Board, showing the “mood” of the space you are designing. Include the color palette being used and suggest finishes through pictures. The concept board should measure approximately, 11” x 14”. Find your pictures in trade magazines, home décor magazines or download images from the internet.

· Write a design statement. (Keep it simple and brief, giving the reader an understanding of your client and how you will meet his/her needs). Be sure to introduce your client by name in the first sentence.

· In the floor plan given to you, design the layout of the fixtures and furniture/built-in’s. You may add walls within the space provided. You may add windows and doors/doorways to the plan given to you.

Your bathroom design must include the following:

A Toilet

A Bidet


Steam Shower

Rinsing Shower

Jacuzzi bath

Towel storage

Robe storage

Changing space with area to store clothes

More than one entrance/exit

Privacy from the Toilet and Bidet 

Mirror (s)

Appropriate Lighting (suggest lighting fixtures and where they will appear)

You may add to the above list as long as you have met the requirements.

This must be in right scale and using AutoCAD . do not worry about the materials Bored .