Documenting The Project Lifecycle 19682099

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Well-written project documentation clarifies intent, documents decisions and results, and allows project managers to assess project progress (and report it, as necessary, to project stakeholders) at every step of the project lifecycle. 

For this assignment, you will create two examples of project documentation that align with the Project Plan Draft assignment you completed in Week 1. The documentation you will create for this assignment aligns with the initiation and planning phases of a project. 


create the following: A product requirements document, or PRD: Read “Product Requirements Documents, Downsized”  ( ) for assistance in creating this document. User stories/scenarios and acceptance criteria: Review “Agile Requirements Snail: Feature to User Story to Scenario” ( ) for help in creating this document. Then use the Scenarios and COS tabs located in User Scenarios And Acceptance Criteria Example (attached you MUST you the attached form) as the basis for your user stories/scenarios and acceptance criteria. 

Submit your completed BRD and WBS, or your completed PRD and user stories/scenarios with acceptance criteria.