Discussion topic for week 3: analyzing three technical descriptions

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This task is designed to help prepare you for writing assignment #2, the technical description

At the top of the Content area for Week 1, you will see three items:

  • how hybrid cars work
  • how laser printers work
  • how a hydraulic jack works

Please peruse these three technical descriptions.  (The hybrid car website has a Flash as well as an html version you can explore.)  You will choose one of them in responding to this discussion topic.

Then examine the following two texts.  The first one, by Mike Markel, is available through eReserves.  The second one, by David McMurrey, is linked to in Content for week 2.

“Writing Descriptions” by Mike Markel

You can access the document by taking the following steps:

  • click Content
  • select Class Resources
  • select eReserves
  • select the icon for eReserves in the middle of your page.
  • in the list of items that appears, select the Markel chapter

“Technical Description: What Does It Look Like?” by David McMurrey

Select one of the three technical descriptions.  Then answer the following question:

How does the technical description that you chose apply the strategies given by either Markel or McMurrey?

Incorporate the ideas of both Markel and McMurrey and write one paragraph analyzing how the technical description does or does not apply the strategies the author(s) mentions.