Discussion question/video | Human Resource Management homework help


Select the links below to open the videos:

ORGB 6 _Barcelona Restaurant Group-Mging Quality & Performance_.m4v

ORGB 7 _Modern Shed-Managerial Planning & Goal Setting_.m4v

Discussion Questions:

After reading the chapters and watching the videos, answer the following:

  1. Could you work for Barcelona owner Andy Pforzheimer? Why or why not? Either way, discuss what you liked and did not like about his management style, and whether his style would help or hurt your job performance and why.
  2. How might being an outside contractor add stress to Scott Pearls’ job?
    1. How does his person environment affect his responses to stressors?

Please paragraph appropriately (at least 1 paragraph per video). The 150 word requirement is for all videos together.

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