Discussion question com 201 and cis 420

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SEC 420 Discussion (no copy work)

Question 1. “Buffer Overflow” Select the following case and discuss in no less than three paragraphs:

· Explain one of the challenges that a hacker faces when attempting to cause a segmentation fault by overflowing a buffer. Further, discuss the main ways in which an attacker can avoid detection of No Operations (NOPs) by an intrusion detection system, and examine the primary reasons why avoiding such detection is beneficial for executing the attack.

Question2. have response at least one paragraph to (only one paragraph).

· Any current topic or article related to penetration techniques.


COM 201 Discussion week 10 (no copy work)

Tracking Your Improvement

Use what you’ve learned this week to respond to the following:

· Go back to Week 2 and watch your first speech again. Use the online rubric to evaluate your first speech. Share your evaluation.

· After you complete Assignment 4 and the self-review, compare your evaluation to the one for Assignment 1. What skills improved the most?

· When you review your self-reviews of your speeches, do you notice any common themes? What does that say about the course and your own development?


The following is one of the student  response and need you look it as a sample response:

In speech quality, my presentation was generally clear and consistent. I did have a few drops in volume when I turned my head away from the camera to glance at my notes.  In visual quality, the speech was ok, but I did not have a backdrop up, so there were some distractions in the background.  The speech topic focus was good.  Regarding the time requirement, I completed my speech in the 2-3-minute range without having to make too many adjustments.  My delivery was fair, but I needed to work on my eye contact and have more of the material memorized so that I could focus on my delivery and not look at my notes so much.  In overall effectiveness, I thought it was good, but many areas needed work. 

I believe I improved the most in eye contact and using notes during the speech.  I worked on using them as just a quick reference instead of a guideline.  With a proper backdrop, this speech was also less distracting to watch on video.  In watching this video, I thought I looked more at ease than the first video, which makes sense because I know that I felt calmer during this speech than I did the first one. 

I do see common themes. I see areas that I have not mastered and need more work.  But, I do see progress across multiple areas, and I know that I feel more comfortable now developing and delivering a speech than I did nine weeks ago.