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Discussion Topic – ColorPop Art & Design Video Case Study

Relevant HBR reading on psychological pricing tactics – Upgrade Your Pricing Strategy to Match Consumer Behavior.pdf download 

(1) (a) Read the case file of ColorPop Art & Design (Ch10) and watch the video case study. And (b) read the above HBR article on psychological pricing tactics.

(2) Pricing – How should we price our Live Event Caricatures and Live Event Painting? I have created the document for the case report. You need to download it and work on the tables regarding your pricing strategies on Live Event Caricatures and Live Event Painting. Explain and support your viewpoints with the textbook, slides, and article readings about pricing. 

Case report – Colorpop Art & Design.docx download 

(3) Screenshot your report and insert the table picture in your post. Or simply copy and paste the table in your post and adjust the table size. Here’s instructions about how to insert a picture on Canvas. 

How to insert picture in discussion post.pdf download