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  1. Your      objective is to write a semi-structured extended essay following the conventions discussed in      out last session: theoretical support, example, and reflection.
  2. Extended means between 800 and 1200      words plus appendices PER ANSWER.      Only word files (No PDF or PP). As a rule of thumb, you can use up to 50 %      of the space in Theoretical support and 25 % for example and reflection      respectively
  3. You      are expected to provide references to complete your arguments. You can      naturally refer to the textbook and class notes.
  4. You      can use graphic support within space limits and following referencing      rules.
  5. Submit      your answers clearly outlined with titles and in one single file.
  6. Submit      your files in the turn-it in drop box found in week six tab in the      course´s Moodle space.
  7. Deadline: August 30, 01:00      PM, No late submissions allowed.
  8. Use one of the references as Textbook

Q1 Effectiveness in digital marketing goes beyond technical matters. When discussing the topic of strategy and execution (digital marketing campaigns) a concept referred to as “the sweet spot” was discussed in class and introduced in the PP materials? What are the elements of the so-called formula? Is this idea related to on and off page design? How? In your example provide one general example of the sweet spot concept. 

Theoretical Support + Example + Reflection

A simple effective formula

SWEET SPOT = Right audience + Right content (benefits, promises) + Excellent execution

Q2 SEM/SEO: What is the difference between SEM and SEO, explain your concepts in terms of the notion of organic versus paid listings The chapter refers to the definition of one of them as “smell nice for Google” Which approach is that. How can we interpret the meaning of this sentence? In your reflection and as a general rule, what percentage of Click through rate can be expected on each one?

Theoretical Support + Example + Reflection