Developing A Design Threat

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. Project III, “These components will be used to make up the maximum-security system attention should be directed to developing a design-threat.” (Fennelly, 2017 PP 68-75). 

a. Introduction b. Framework of physical security in cybersecurity operations c. Physical security systems are categorized into five classifications including minimum, low-level, medium, high level and maximum-security operations. d. Provide comprehensive narratives on advantages and disadvantages of these five components relative to physical security process: 1. Minimum Security 2. Low-level Security 3. Medium Security 4. High-level Security 5. Maximum e. Human environment is deeply affected by physical security through the execution of five designed components: 1. Outer Security Perimeter 2. Natural Access Control 3. Territorial Reinforcement 4. Inner Perimeter Security 5. Interior Security f. You have been retained as a cybersecurity analyst; provide comprehensive narratives on how to use your expertise to liberate the underprivileged community from the bondage of these perimeters. g. Recommendation h. Conclusion •