Deliverable 5 – creating a reference list

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Evaluate the integration of strategic management functions used to achieve competitive advantage.


Your boss has asked you to represent the organization in an industry panel on leadership. There is an expectation that all participants submit relevant research before the initial meeting.

Your job is to create an APA reference list that contains ten total research articles. The requirement is that five of the articles are focused on strategic management and the impact on the competitive advantage. The other five articles are focused on the internal cultural environment and the impact on the competitive advantage. Along with the reference list, please submit a paragraph describing the process you used for selecting the articles and the criteria you used in the search process, as well as a short summary of each article.


Grading Rubric

FFCBA01234No PassNo PassCompetenceProficiencyMasteryNot SubmittedThe reference list is incomplete.The reference list contains 10 references but there are categorical issues.The reference list is complete and categorically correct.The reference list is complete, categorically correct, and the references are within the past three years.Not SubmittedThe reference list is not APA formatted.The reference list contains some APA formatting issues.The reference list contains one or two APA issues.There are no APA formatting issues.Not SubmittedThere is no defined selection process or mention search criteria.The selection process is loosely defined and the search criteria seems vague.The selection process is defined but would be difficult to repeat and the search criteria is clear but not specific.The selection process is repeatable and the search criteria is clear and specific.Not SubmittedThere are no summaries of the articles.There are some summaries of the articles.All the summaries of the articles are present, but most of them are vague.All the summaries of the articles are present and are clear.