Data Science And Big Data Analy Tics 19589781

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During Residency we touched on COVID19 as an example of the many sources from which data originates. This week’s discussion is different as we consider COVID19 from a research perspective. (Be sure to check out the resource located in this week’s Content folder and mentioned in the lecture on framing a research a research question.)

Review the attached article, a model-based analysis that was recently published in The Lancet (it has good info and is an excellent example of well-presented research-based findings) . Next, think about different ways in which a research project about this virus can be narrowed with a specific focus. Consider ways to narrow this topic based on geography, population, etc.


a. Craft a research question indicative of a narrowed focus on one aspect of the virus.

b. Discuss the value of your focused perspective.

c. Discuss a possible analytics approach to the problem.


Consider this discussion as a brain-storming activity among data scientists (you and your peers.) The purpose is to practice crafting research questions, discussion perspectives, and learning from the ideas of others.

As always, if you state something that is not common knowledge and/or is not your idea,  cite and reference as appropriate.