Cyber Law And Ethics 19607754

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Topic: Hackers and Ethics


6 typed double spaced pages(does not include cover and reference page)

5 different sources

apa citation


Topic headings for your paper should include the background surrounding the issue, a historical perspective, current issues that are applicable, legislation dealing with this topic, examples, global dynamics/impact (such as issues, processes, trends, and systems), personal impact from a global perspective, 

and a summary.


Paper should contain a reference list of at least five (5) different substantial and quality references. The references and reference citations for the term paper must be to a current event less than 3 years old(a reference with no date (n.d.) is not acceptable.

The body of the page should be a minimum of six typed double spaced pages.  Your cover page and reference page cannot be counted in this number. You should use the APA format for your reference citations and the reference page.