Critical Path Method Project Using Ms Project

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Your assignment for this unit is to convert the work breakdown structure (WBS) you created in ITC 4760 for the MSI Data Center relocation scenario into a functioning Microsoft (MS) Project file using the version of MS Project housed in Toolwire. You will enter your task, sub-tasks, milestones, and task duration data previously created in MS Excel and generate a project plan that is capable of displaying a Gantt chart that shows the project schedule from start to finish as well as a critical path method (CPM) network diagram that depicts task dependencies and the project’s projected critical path. 

In a separate Word document, create a one-page reflection paper that discusses how this plan will support the project manager’s overall management of this particular project. As a part of your summary section, discuss any problems, observations, and/or recommendations you may have regarding your experience in creating this MS Project. No title page or reference page is required.