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This comprehensive project aligns with Learning Outcomes 1–5.

The Visual Journal Course Project is due in module 8 and is worth 100  points. The project is comprehensive in that it will highlight what you  learned from each of the course modules.


In the Greetings and Introduction Discussion Forum, you were introduced to a website titled: Padlet (Links to an external site.).

You are going to create your own free Padlet (Links to an external site.) account and create your own “Padlet wall.” If you need assistance with Padlet (Links to an external site.), this page will assist you.

While participating in each module, you are to think about what  you’ve learned or have had reinforced and how you are applying your  learning to your education, your career, or to your personal life. You  may also be expanding your learning by finding and reading about some of  the topics presented in the course modules on your own.

As you reflect upon each module and how it has affected your learning  and personal or professional growth, find an interesting article,  cartoon, link to a video or audio file, news story, editorial, photo, or  some other type of artifact that you found to be interesting, relevant,  and representative of the module topics. Post your artifact and type in  why you included the artifact and why you found it to be interesting or  important to your learning.

Locate and post on your Padlet wall a minimum of 2 artifacts per module.  Most students will be posting more than 4 artifacts per module as they  think about the topics and formulate questions that encourage searching,  researching, reading, and responding.

Suggestion for Creating a Padlet Wall

  • Go to (Links to an external site.) and sign in.
  • Select “Make a Padlet.” This will take you to the Padlet wall.
  • On the top right of the screen, select the wheel icon to modify the  Padlet. The basic information can then be typed into the title and  description. It is recommended that you use your name at a minimum. You  may add wallpaper, change the layout, and use hidden link under privacy.
  • Select address to see the current address of your wall. You can keep  this address or you can change it; if you change it you might use  MAN2021 + your last name.
  • Once your wall is complete and ready for submission you can copy the address and paste it into the Website URL box in Canvas.