Course project—m3 & m4 working ahead

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Last assignment titled: Project Approval Unit,(Included below) you received your instructor’s approval of your company and actual planned investment. In this assignment, you need to begin working on the Cost, Volume, Profit Analysis spreadsheet provided for the project to outline the revenues, costs, expenses, and resulting cash flows. If you selected a manufacturing company and the project deals with a product or change in project, you will need to consider direct and indirect costs. Detail out your costs and cash flows. Make sure these are reasonable for the project you have selected.  

You should have all of your revenues, expenses, investments, profit, and resulting cash flows on an Excel worksheet complete with all calculations performed using Excel functions.  

Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) Analysis

Review the Course Project Guidelines.

After you completed your estimate of cash flows for your project. You will calculate the break-even point for the project and the expected financial returns.

•Open the Cost-Volume-Profit spreadsheet that you have been working in and calculate the break-even point.of your proposed project. (Access the CVP template if you have not yet begun this work) 

•The project must use a 6.5% cost of capital and a tax rate of 25%. 

•Complete IRR (Internal Rate of Return) and NPV (Net Present Value) for the project. 

•Make sure you show your Excel formulas or provide calculations so your instructor can review your work. 

•You should have also considered key points of any intangible benefits or costs associated with the project and begun supplementing your pro forma statement with sufficient background information to enable a prospective investor to decide if your company is worth investing in.

Submit this worksheet to the Course Project Submissions Area by the due date assigned. . The completed worksheet will be worth 220 points or 22% of grade. 

Excel Worksheet Requirements:    Identify the various revenues, expenses, costs, expenses, and cash flows. If a manufacturing company and investment deals with projects, the analysis breaks down costs into fixed and variable, direct and indirect.   All costs, revenues, expenses, and cash flows required to implement the project are identified, listed and summed appropriately.   180    

Calculate the CVP or break-even point for the project.   Calculations are complete and accurate.   15    

Calculate NPV and IRR. Provides the numeric viability of the project investment.   Calculations are complete and accurate.   25

(Included Assignment)

Project Approval Unit Assignment Information:

Full Legal Name of the US public company: Starbucks Corporation

Stock symbal for the public company: SBUX

Why I specifically chose this company and Interested: Starbucks is a coffee leader and one of the most ethical companies in the United Stated. The company is a symbol for the United States Corporation and an icon in leadership

The nature of the investment for this company is: A social development investment is one of the capital investments  associated with starbucks. I am planning to empower indidviduals in different societies through invesment in starbucks (Argenti, 2017).