Conduct a literature review in information governance for cvs

1. Conduct a literature review in Information Governance for CVS
2. Take CVS as a case study organization for the research paper. 

3. Conduct a literature review on information governance and how it is applied to an Information Technology of CVS organization. 

4. You are to review the literature on Information Governance planning and discuss problems and gaps that have been identified in the literature. 

5. You will expand on the issue and how researchers have attempted to examine that issue by collecting data – (you are NOT collecting data, just reporting on how researchers did their collection). 

6. As you read the literature, it will become apparent that there are multiple issues, pick about Five (5) issues that stands out in the literature and agree on that as a Team to address those five selected. 

7. Your team will compare the issues identified and provide possible recommendations as it applies to your selected organization. 

8. The Written Research paper will be about 20 – 25 pages (including the Cover page and References). 9. The written paper will follow APA version 7 format. 

10. Include graphical illustration to the research paper. 

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