Computer Science 19562569

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Question – 1

Summarize all the data visualization techniques (and its applications) in R. A minimum of three references are required. Please follow the guidelines given below.

1. A maximum of 500 words, and a minimum of 350 words. Graphics will not be counted towards the word-limit or paging.

2. APA format needs to be followed (100%).

3. Please do your best to refer articles from peer reviewed journals like IEEE, ACM

Question-2 – Discussion question

Please refer to the content listed attachments titled “PyData and Data sciences”. What is your stand on the integration of data sciences using PyData approach? Do you think this integration approach will increase over time and facilitate adoption of “R” programming model? Please discuss.

1. One main post and 2 response posts are required. Main post: 250 – 350 words, Please include references; Response post: 100 – 150 words, please include references.

2. Please use additional references as per the need.

3. Please follow APA guidelines.

4. Please do not plagiarize. Do not cut and paste from sources.