Community policing | Law homework help

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Topic Summary:

1. Give a brief history of crime prevention and describe areas that crime prevention and community policing have in common. Respond in no less than 250 words.


2. Explain what is meant by CPTED, describe what its second generation includes, and identify potential obstacles to its implementation. Respond in no less than 250 words.


3. Define situational crime prevention and give examples how how it functions. Respond in no less than 200 words.

4.Explain the types of crime displacement and provide examples.


5.Describe the difference between strategic and tactical crime analysis.


6.Explain the basic functions of CompStat, intelligence-led policing, and predictive policing. Respond in no less than 200 words.

Executive Decision:

7.Imagine you are in charge of designing a program in your community for use by the public and law enforcement to assist with gathering and analyzing information about crime and potential safety threats. How would the information be collected? How would the public be notified about potential safety threats or crime trends? Describe your program in detail.