Cloud computing | Computer Science homework help

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Please Read the following articles on Cloud Security and their Associated Risks:

Christodorescu, M., Sailer, R., Schales, D. L., Sgandurra, D., & Zamboni, D. (2009, November). Cloud security is not (just) virtualization security: a short paper. In Proceedings of the 2009 ACM workshop on Cloud computing security(pp. 97-102). ACM.

Fogarty, K. (2012, August 10). The biggest cloud computing security risk is impossible to eliminate. Retrieved from

Kinsella, J. (2012, September 26). 5 (more) key cloud security issues. Retrieved from


Then, discuss with your classmates why Cloud Security is different from that of traditional network architectures and what you think the future holds for Cloud Security and it’s adoption rate with company’s.  What are some technologies and solutions that can be used to reduce risk for the “Cloud” or “Cloud Data” .

Your answer should include the terms, concepts, and theories learned thus far. Cite each source used. No credit will be given if Wikipedia is used. Your answer should be a minimum of  250 words .