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Case: Negotiating with Chinese Business Partners. 

This case requires you to develop a negotiation strategy in a complex cultural context. While you may never be in a negotiation with a Chinese partner, the concepts and techniques can be applied to other negotiating contexts. The following are the companion articles: 

a)  Graham & Lam (2003) The Chinese Negotiation, Harvard Business Review. 

b)  Fang, T. (2006) Negotiation: The Chinese Style, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. 

Please upload your case response (1000 to 1500 words total for all questions) to Canvas. Use 12-point, readable font (i.e. Times New Roman). Use double spacing and 1” standard margins.


1. Graham and Lam describe the importance of the Zhongjian Ren, or intermediary, in addition to a translator, in all negotiations with Chinese business people. Nowhere does the case mention that the EDC director had developed a Zhongjian Ren, or intermediary, to act as their go-between and guanxi manager for this case. 

Was hiring Anne Cheung as a translator enough to ensure the deal progressed successfully? Why or why not? How would you improve the preparation and the handling of the meeting? 

2. What should the EDC directors do now? Provide support for your response.