C. w. williams community center: phase 3

 We are doing a Capstone Team Project on C. W. Williams Health Center: A Community Asset (I attached a file).  

This project is broken up into phases, and in each phase each team member gets to pick a section to write about. However, we are on phase 3 which is the HCO Organizational Operations & Strategies phase. I attached files for phase 1 & 2, so you’ll have a better understanding of what we have completed so far.  

Phase 1: Research Introduction 

Phase 2: External and Internal Analysis 

Team Phase Three: HCO Organizational Operations & Strategies 

Overview:   In this phase you will explore the organization’s operations to help in identifying one or more areas exhibiting weakness or threats for further analysis (consistent with situational analysis in Phase 2).  

The tasks I chose to write about in this phase is the “Marketing Issues, and Human Resource Aspects” of the C. W. Williams Community Center: A Community Asset Case Study. 


  • 1 page on “Marketing Issues” 
  • 1 page on “Human Resource Aspects” 
  • Include references  
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