Business communication: ( delivering bad news message)

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In this assignment students will work to develop a bad news message that demonstrates their ability to analyze a situation, evaluate and outline options, and create a document that delivers the information in the most effective way.  Use the following scenario to develop and communicate bad news to a client.


“Jack’s boss has just told him that due to budget cuts, several people in his team will have to go. Jack manages a happy, successful team, and he has no idea how to deliver this bad news.”
Source – Delivering Bad News.docx

Structure of Assignment:

First: Develop an Outline (You may use a keyword/sentence outline format) 

  1. Student will first provide an outline of  the communication that Jack needs to share with his staff
  2. Student will provide a list of possible options, indicating reasons for his/her choice, of how Jack may deliver the bad news message to his team

Second: Write the ‘Bad News’ Communication Message  

Once the outline is complete the student will develop and write the bad news message that Jack’s employees will receive.  The written communication must be a minimum of one page and a maximum of two pages, double spaced, using a 12 point Times New Roman font type.