Bus 103 saylor direct credit final exam

This exam is part of our Saylor Direct Credit offerings. Successfully passing this exam will make students eligible to receive a transcript with 3 hours of ACE recommended college credit. 


Please note that because this exam has the possibility to be a credit-bearing exam, it must be administered in a proctored environment, and is therefore password protected. 

Further information about the Saylor Direct Credit program, as well as specific information about associated credit recommendation review programs, can be found below. Please read these pages carefully for information about proctoring, transcripts, and schools that may accept transfer credit for passing this exam.



If you choose to take this exam, you may want to first take the regular, certificate-bearing BUS103 Final Exam as a practice test, which you can find here


Further Notes:




  • You will have two (2) hours to complete this exam; 
  • Exam questions will be split across multiple pages;
  • You may jump directly to a specific question by clicking its number in the left-hand navigation panel;
  • Your answers will be saved each time you navigate to another page within the exam;
  • You may “flag” a question as a reminder to yourself to return to it later, which will change its appearance in the navigation panel;
  • Once you have opened the exam, there will be a 14 day waiting period before you may attempt the exam again; 
  • You will receive your grade on this exam immediately upon submitting your answers; 
  • You must score 70% or higher to pass and be eligible for the ACE transcript.
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