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All organisms affect the evolution of the other organisms in their biological community. Flowering plants probably are the reason insects developed wings, and insects almost certainly are responsible for the development of showy flowers and sweet nectar because they would pollinate only those plants having these attributes. Human beings can also be considered “agents of selection” in the evolution of other species. For this week’s discussion, choose a particular species that humans have “caused” to evolve. Name the species and explain how humans have caused the evolution of the species.

Remember that participation is required on a minimum of three days through 11:59 PM ET Sunday.  The   initial response strongly encouraged to be posted by 11:59 PM ET Thursday; two other posts due on separate days and on a different day than the initial post and by 11:59 PM ET Sunday.

Threaded Discussion Rubric

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60 Points Possible

1.  Student submitted an appropriate and substantive post to the original assignment.  This includes addressing all of the original questions/issues in a grammatically correct and logical manner 


2. Assignment submitted on time and on a different day than other posts


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