Big data2 | Information Systems homework help

Part 1:  Big Data Ethics

Data privacy and security have long been significant considerations for most organizations.  However, as advances in technology increase our ability to store and analyze data, ethical considerations become more complex and compelling. In many organizations, there is a strong push to “analyze, analyze, analyze,” but the need to proceed ethically should not be overlooked. When information is used in unexpected and unintended ways, individuals and organizations can be harmed.

Dealing with ethical considerations is demanding new ways of defining what is and what is not acceptable. In this module, students will be introduced to ethical issues by listening to two experts in the field providing their latest thinking.

Step 1:  Listen to all or part of the Keynote Address from the TDWI Conference.(

Step 2:   Listen to Kord Davis’ lecture (

Step 3:   Review the Cases for Discussion–BigData.pdf

Step 4:  Work on Assignment 11 Part 1 

Part 2:  Course Wrap-Up

Step 1:  Work on Assignment 11 Part 2 

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