Assignment 19763385

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Company’s Website Vibe: In this portion of the assignment you are to select only one (1) of the sites below and visit the website.

Flyer’s Home ( )
Tiger Direct ( )
Best Buy ( )
Zapoos ( )
Overstock ( )

Instructions: Select one of the sites above to visit and go there. Take a screenshot of the site you selected and visited (the home page only) insert the screenshot into your Word Document. Take out a note pad and prepare to write. Explore the website try to visit each page, get a feel for the company’s vibe and architecture, navigation and user experience, visit the shopping cart go as far as you can without completing the purchase, look at newsletters, help pages and so on.. and report your findings. What did you like? What did you not like? What frustrated you? Did you find anything broken on the site, such as a link or image? Look at how the company uses key engagements and interactions that users can partake in. This could bring up a whole range of things such as a completed sale, social sharing or newsletter signups for example, and be sure to log these.

Please submit a Word Doc with your observations and answer to the bulleted list above, in 500 words or more, and be sure to use APA references in support of your answers. Be sure to place your Name and Class on your submission, for example:

Smith, John

Class, please feel free to explore your own research for eBooks, journals and articles that best answer the topics and assignments. Do your best to locate resources that are no more than three (3) years old. PLEASE DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA AS A RESOURCE AND OR REFERENCE.