Analyze paper | History homework help

  1. The purpose of this paper is to analyze, synthesize, and discuss the perspectives, viewpoints, and ideas discussed during the week in the course materials and lectures.  In this way, we will engage in historical / cultural analysis, make cross-cultural comparisons and connections, and further develop writing skills.
  2. Topic : Compare and contrast the theme of “infection” and “contamination” in American Werewolf in London and the novel Dracula.  Do the two works have similar messages in this regard?
  3. Ideally, you will structure your paper as follows (based on the minimum 350-word requirement):
  4. A clear statement of your main idea or thesis on the subject.
  5. Connections between the topic and the course material (readings and class discussions)
  6. A brief summation and a final statement that represents the key take-away / idea from your paper.
  7. You may deviate from this structure, but the majority of the paper should be given to drawing your own connections between the course materials.  You do not have a lot of space, so be sure to get straight to the point and not worry about making a lengthy introduction or conclusion.
  8. You should consider the course materials both individually and collectively.  Consider the any key claims or arguments from the materials, the strengths and weaknesses of authors’ arguments, possible counterarguments, how the texts relate to one another (do they agree or disagree?, formulate the problem in different ways?, strengthen or weaken each other’s argument?), and why the problem(s) or argument(s) are interesting or important.
  9. You should not just summarize the texts or worry about re-telling ideas or a plot (if discussing a narrative); assume the reader is familiar with the texts referenced.  You need to react and respond to the materials, making connections which will lead to analysis.  Any personal opinions included in the essay should be based on thoughtful analysis of the topic and materials themselves.

Your scene analysis should:

  • Be typed, double-spaced, with no changes to the margins
  • Be in Calibri 11 or Times New Roman 12 font
  • Be spell- and grammar-checked
  • Include your name, but do not put your student ID number on the paper.
  • Include a title that connects in a meaningful way with your essay

*American Werewolf in London