Agriculture laws and regulations


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Use this dropbox to submit your proposed TOPIC SELECTION for your Ag Laws Term Paper. Include your name, ABT-58 and the date, single-spaced, in the upper right corner. Type a DESCRIPTIVE TITLE that clearly indicates the topic and focus of your paper. Format the title so it is BOLD and CENTERED. Write one or two paragraphs explaining the topic you have selected.

At the top of page 2, create a WORKS CITED page with WORKS CITED in all caps and centered. Include AT LEAST THREE REFERENCES in MLA FORMAT.

Be sure to choose a topic that is VERY SPECIFIC. I am not looking for a general description or summary of a broad law or regulation, but a deep look into a specific detail, case or other interesting topic. Consider choosing a specific piece of a law, compliance with a particular aspect of a law, or an interesting court case that resulted from a specific law. Look through the modules and content of this course for ideas.

I RECOMMEND THAT YOU FIND YOUR THREE REFERENCES FIRST, before you begin to complete this homework assignment. This way you will be certain that the information you need for the term paper is available, and the topic is sufficiently focused.