Accounting chapter 14.2 work together

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For the ease of making this assignment a bit easier on your – I created a new Google spreadsheet for you to use! It also has the changes on it that were discovered today.

If this is your FIRST time on the assignment – use this one, ignore the rest of the post!

If you used the old excel document from the first assignment (this morning) on you need to make the changes below –


New Balance for:
Purch. Return & Allowances – $9497.00 (credit)
Salary Expense – $204,180.85 (debit)

Change both of these totals in your Trial Balance and your columns should equal!

**Debits and Credits still for each column MUST match. Follow along – do NOT go ahead. This part of the worksheet gets complicated and easy to mess up.

***The file will easily open in Google Sheets. No need to use it in Excel – please use Google Sheets. There are directions on the first tab for you to read. The problem (worksheet) is on the Work Together tab. Change tabs easily at the bottom.