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The Operator’s Guide to Human Factors in Aviation (OGHFA) was a  project designed to give information on Human Factors topics. It was  founded and created by the Flight Safety Foundation European Advisory  Committee. We will use this guide throughout the course in different  activities. However, this guide and any other materials from SKYbrary are not to be purchased for this course.

Ruminating Writing Assignment:

Refer to the module materials, outside sources, and this human factor’s guide. Read: https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/OGHFA_-_An_Introduction and submit a two-page paper  (not including cover and reference pages) defining human factors and  the applications associated with it. APA formatting is required. 

Travel back in time and explain the foundation of human factors and  its historic value throughout the last 100 years. And finally, examine  the need for human factors research, its meaning and purpose.